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Recently Posted Information

Dear Residents,

It has been reported that some patrons of the swimming pool are leaving the pool area after 8 PM. The pool and showers must be closed at 8 PM. Anyone desiring to take a shower must do so before 8 PM so that that the pool area can be locked at 8 PM.  Please respect the closing time rule and the lifeguard's working hours and be out of the pool and showers not later than 8 PM.

Thank you.

Board of Governors

Important Message

Dear Residents,

The Hickman partnership has signed an agreement to sell its remaining undeveloped lots to a national builder. This signals a new beginning in Bay Colony’s history. Depending on market conditions, the intent is to build out the 58 remaining Hickman lots over a period of about three years. Lots will be purchased singly or in groups as needed. The first lot purchased is H37 and it will be the site of a model home.

This will finally solve the vexing issue of the partnership being excluded from paying assessments. Assessments will begin on the day the builder closes on the lots and the builder will pay the assessment until a third party buyer closes on the built house, at which time the buyer will pick up the assessment.

The Board had no involvement in negotiating the agreement or its terms. As a community we are fortunate that the new builder — the Coastal Division of NV Homes — has already built over 1500 homes in the immediate area and is currently the # 1 builder by market share. The parent company has been building luxury homes on the East coast since 1979.

Todd Hickman (not related to Jack Hickman or anyone in the Hickman Partnership), the Vice President of NV responsible for this project, is a resident of Bay Colony who is completely familiar with our covenants and rules of construction. He intends to comply with our covenants and rules as currently applied or as adjusted in the future. The homes to be built will be compatible with typical Bay Colony homes in terms of quality of materials, style, size, and price. NV Homes has a deserved reputation for luxury, quality craftsmanship, and exceptional homes in sought-after communities.

The price paid by NV Homes for each lot is reportedly higher, on average, than recent lot sales in Bay Colony. It is anticipated that NV Homes will sell at an average of $475K, with water view lots quite a bit higher. These are outstanding developments to support property values in Bay Colony. Undeveloped lots owned by individuals outside the partnership are not included in this project at this time.

The Board and the new builder will address Association members at a special meeting to be held on a date to be determined. Due to clubhouse construction, the meeting will be held at the pool if weather permits. If weather does not permit the meeting will be held in the marina building.

Board of Governors

Dear Members,

The pool opened on Saturday, May 24th, from 10-8. To keep the pool enjoyable for all, the pool subcommittee asks that residents be mindful of the rules and respect each other.

Please remember the following:

Review the Rules
. Please review the rules on the community website and go over them with your guests before visiting the pool. All residents are accountable for behavior of their guests. We also have signs posted that summarize the rules. Residents and their guest’s privileges can be suspended for violations.

Respect the Lifeguard. The lifeguard is in charge and should be respected. If you find any request to be unreasonable, please obey the request and then call a member of the pool subcommittee or the pool company. The numbers will be posted in the club house. The purpose of the lifeguard is for our safety and so that the residents do not need to police each other.

Violations. No one should be in the pool after hours. The police could be called if people are hopping the fence. Access key cards will be turned off for residents that violate the pool rules.

Rafts and Diving.
Large flotation devices and rafts are not allowed (unless the pool is absolutely empty). Please ask the lifeguard if you have any questions about what is allowed or not allowed in the pool. Diving is not allowed, even in the deep end.

Adult Swim and Aerobics. Adult swim/rest time will be when the lifeguard is required to take a break or when it is really crowded (about every 2 hours). Residents should not request adult swim for their own benefit. Water Aerobics will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:30 - 10:30. If you would like to use the pool from 10 - 10:30, please use the deeper end.

Young Children. Children ages 3 and under and/or not potty trained must wear swim diapers. Swim diapers can and will leak if a child has soiled in it so children need to be changed frequently. If someone has an accident in the pool, DO NOT conceal it; DO tell the lifeguard immediately. If the lifeguard doesn't know how long the pool has been contaminated, the pool must be shut down for an extended period.

Children Under 12. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed at the pool without an adult (18 years or older). Parents and grandparents need to enforce this. i.e.: A 16 year old cannot supervise someone under the age of 12 at the pool.

Refreshments. Glass containers are not allowed on the pool deck (even if it is in a cooler). Cans are allowed. Please clean up after yourself.
Barbecue. The barbecue is for all residents. Please feel free to use it and leave it clean for the next person. In 2012 there was a grease fire due to built up grease and grime. The grill had to be replaced.

Pool Party. The end of year party is scheduled for September 13.

Bathrooms. It is the resident’s responsibility to keep the club house bathrooms clean during the day.

Clubhouse. For your safety, shoes are required in the club house. The floor is very slippery when wet.

Access Cards. If you are new to the community and need an access card, please call Stan Kulpinski – 302-539-1058

Thank you for your cooperation this summer!

The Pool Subcommittee



The following information results from a community meeting on May 18th at the Clubhouse.  Click on the links to view the information.

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