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                                                 Lost Cat

Small black cat,named rocket, out in the neighborhood at 29661
sawmill call Marlene Bradley at 539-1898 if you see it or find it.
Dear Residents,

While walking a dog one of our residents slipped and fell due to ice on the road, The ice in this case is in front of a home where the swale has been filled in and the lawn elevation raised such that water on the road is blocked from reaching a nearby community drain. While the road is a community facility, in this case the ice on the road is caused by the property owner.

Luckily the resident was not seriously injured so a lawsuit is unlikely. However, this incident should remind us once again that improper drainage puts the association at risk. In the event the association is sued over ice on the road, improper drainage caused by the action or inaction of the adjacent property owner will be a factor in the lawsuit.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the property adjacent to the road. In the event the property owner fails to provide proper drainage the association has an easement and will enter the property to maintain drainage - and bill the property owner. Please evaluate the drainage in front of your home and take appropriate action.

Thank you.

Board of Governors

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